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Nubile Films - Slow And Easy featuring Gina Devine

Added on: 03/01/2013
Description: As Gina Devine naps on the couch, she is joined by her man Wein Lewis. He wakes her with a soft touch on her foot, and then begins kissing his way up her long lean legs. Gina has a naughty streak that her man loves, and she proves it once again by sliding the towel that covers his lap out of the way with her foot and then curling both feet lovingly around his hard dick and rubbing him up and down.

Pleased, Wein pulls Gina close and slips her out of her bra so that he can palm her high perky breasts before sliding one hand down her flat belly and into her panties to touch her damp slit. When he feels how wet his woman is, Wein is eager to get her panties off and lay her down on the table so that he can bury his face between her thighs.

When her man pulls back, Gina is quick to take control of their lovemaking. She returns to the couch, where she is the perfect height to take her guy's dick into her warm eager mouth and suck him with long loving strokes.

Wein can only stand the pleasurable torture for so long before he urges Gina down onto her hands and knees and licks around her tight pussy before plunging his cock into her as his hands knead her lush ass. They shift positions after a few hot minutes, with Wein seated so that Gina can mount her man and stare into his eyes as she rides him.

As the pleasure grows, they shift positions so that they are spooning with Wein pumping hard in and out of his woman's creamy twat until she reaches her climax. Her soft walls pulse around her man's erection, milking his orgasm out of him until they are both exhausted, but sated.

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Joann Adams – Shower Toys

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Joann Adams is a 44 year old milf that wants to show off her hot curvy body! This mature cougar is ready to step into the shower, so she lets her silky robe slip from her body to expose a slender frame and luscious big breasts. The rain of water lubricates her skin and her landing strip pussy, making it easy for this cock hungry redhead to sink her horny hole down onto her waterproof dildo and ride it to ecstasy.
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Here is Victoria Blossom's sample Video. For hundreds more free video samples of the Anilos® Women, check out the free tour.
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Nubile Films – Afterhours added to Nubile Films

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Nubile Films - Afterhours featuring Aiden Ashley

Added on: 02/27/2013

Brunette babe Aiden Ashley stands before an uncovered window as she strips down to only her bare skin, uncaring of who might peek in to see her naked beautiful body.

Making herself comfortable on a chair that faces the window, Aiden immediately lifts her legs in the air to expose her shaved pussy that is already slick with desire as she runs her fingers through her slit. After a few minutes, she rolls to her knees to thrust her sweet ass high in the air and begins a sensual assault on both her tender clit and her tight needy twat.

Not yet sated, Aiden returns to her back and parts her long legs as wide as they can go so that she has unrestricted access to her most sensitive parts. Her touches alternate between a hard massage of her clit and sinking fingers deep into herself to massage her g-spot.

As pleasure washes through her and her moans fill the room, this gorgeous girl draws the moment out by reaching up to squeeze her full tits pinch her hard nipple.

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Victoria Blossom added to

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Victoria Blossom

Added on: 02/26/2013
Age: 38
Height: 5'6
Figure: 32B-25-34
Location: Czech

Sample Pics/Vids of victoria_blossom
Description: Victoria Blossom likes to stay fit and trim. When she's not out running to stay in shape, she's running our temperature up with her beautiful petite body.
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Victoria Blossom – Fit And Ready

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Victoria Blossom is a 38 year old MILF from Slovakia who loves to work out and keep her tanned body toned. When she is done working out she strips out of her clothes, taking time to fondle her big nipples and palm her small boobs. When her sweet shaved pussy is bared, Victoria gets her pussy juices flowing by fingering her twat and then uses two fingers to pound herself into ecstasy.
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Nubile Films - My Amazing Girlfriend featuring Maddy Oreilly

Added on: 02/25/2013
Description: Maddy O'Reilly is intent on giving her new boyfriend Johnny Castle an afternoon to remember. Dressed in sheer lacy lingerie, she gets things started with a hot, intimate blowjob. Things ratchet up a notch as Maddy removes her filmy bra and brings her tits together to rub her man's cock in the valley of her cleavage before taking him back between her plush eager lips.

When Maddy stands and turns around to allow her guy to remove her panties, she shows him that she's not done teasing yet by bending forward and allowing him to slide his erection through the split in her luscious ass before he buries himself deep in her welcoming heat.

The lovers soon shift to doggy style with Maddy supporting herself on the coffee table. As Maddy grows closer to her ultimate culmination, though, they return to the couch so that she can ride her man while maintaining intimate sensual eye contact as her orgasm pulses through her.

When she has taken a few moments to recover, Maddy lays herself out beside Johnny and resumes her interrupted blowjob. Under such a pleasurable assault, Johnny cannot last much longer before emptying himself into Maddy's waiting mouth. She swallows every drop of her man's essence, taking her time licking her fingers and lips with a contented smile.

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Scarlet Rose – Happy To Please

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When 44 year old Scarlet Rose dresses up in business clothing she looks like any other working woman, but beneath her sedate exterior beats the heart of a horny sex kitten who only thinks of pleasuring her horny cunt. Just the brush of her hand against her sensitive tits is enough to get this hot mama turned on and ready to slip out of her skirt and sink her fingers deep into her dripping twat as she works her way toward an explosive orgasm.
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Nubile Films – Scintillating Pleasure added to Nubile Films

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Nubile Films - Scintillating Pleasure featuring Evelina

Added on: 02/21/2013
Description: Romance is in the air as Evelina waits by the fire for her lover Jani D to join her. When he arrives, he wastes no time in reaching down to fondle his woman's tits before laying her out before the fireplace to feast on her sweet shaved pussy. With her lovely little breasts hanging out and jiggling, Evelina writhes with pleasure and winds her fingers through her man's hair before grasping her boobs and squeezing.

Next, it is Evelina's turn to return the pleasure her man has given her. She takes his rock hard dick in her hand, holding the shaft steady so that she can engulf every inch of him with her warm eager mouth and suck him with tons of enthusiasm.

When the lovers are both primed and ready, Evelina climbs to her hands and knees so that her tits with their incredible big areolas brush the floor as her man enters her doggy style. They shift positions so that they are spooning, but as Evelina's orgasm grows closer she rolls onto her back and lifts her legs high in the air so that her guy can pound into her needy pussy until she reaches her orgasm.

Jani is right there with Evelina; when she cums, he pulls out and strokes himself that few extra seconds until he, too, falls over the edge of pleasure and releases his liquid love all over his woman's flat belly and shaved mound.

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Sophie Kaye – Casual Couch Spread

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When 34 year old Sophie Kay gets home from her day job, she can't wait to slip into something more comfortable and then slip right back out of it as she seduces her hot mature body. Her big nipples are hard nubs that beg to be thumbed, but soon her horny twat needs more than just anticipation. As her clothes come off, Sophie's touches get bolder and hotter until she is engaged in a full-out masturbation session that won't stop until she reaches her climax.
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